How to Read the Map

The map has as its base, a collage of aerial photographs with the superimposed symbols shown in this legend. legend.jpg (13756 bytes)A road is something maintained for cars or trucks.  A path is anything else that you can ride a bike on and sometimes consists of a narrow footpath.  Paved paths are usually officially designated bike paths.  Obviously, a great number of paved roads are not marked by a blue line.  Paved roads are marked when they provide a unique bike route or when they lead up to a parking lot. Where parking lots are shown, they are accessible from ordinary city streets. A number of potentially interesting roads and paths are marked as “unmapped” because  their existence could not be verified from any of the information sources.  Restricted areas are indicated by the “arrow heads” which point toward the restricted area.  Physical barriers are usually chain link fences that are maintained to block pedestrians as well as vehicles.  Barriers intended to restrict cars but do not stop bikes are not marked. The diagonal black edge on the left side runs north and south.